como obtener la Ip con CSharp y Mono

una manera de obtener la ip usando csharp y mono es a través de la clase Dns, pero veamos el ejemplo:

primero creamos un archivo que almacenara el código fuente: networkDNSIP.cs

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Net;

public class ClsDnsIp {

    //declare hostname variable to save the machine hostname
    private string hostname;  

    //declare iparraylist variable to save the ip addresses
    //this is a ArrayList Collection object 
    private ArrayList iparraylist;

    //we define a constructor class
    public ClsDnsIp()
        //assign a string empty value  
        this.hostname = string.Empty;

        //to create arraylist object 
        this.iparraylist = new ArrayList();

        //call the private method to determine the hostname and ip address

    //define a string property to get the hostname
    public string Hostname
            return this.hostname;

    //define a Arraylist property to get a ip address list 
    public ArrayList IpAddress
            return this.iparraylist;

    //define the private method that to determine hostname and ip address
    private void getHostnameIpAdress()
        //call Dns's GetHostName method to get the computer hostname 
        this.hostname = Dns.GetHostName();

        //to create IPHostEntry object that contain
        //Internet host address information by Dns's GetHotsByName method         
        IPHostEntry iphost = Dns.GetHostByName(this.hostname);

        //we use a try-catch instructions for posible runtime errors 
        try {
            //we add every ip address founded to arraylist collection
            foreach (IPAddress someip in iphost.AddressList)
        catch (Exception e){

//this class is used to test ClsDnsIp class
public class TestClsDnsIp {
    public static void Main(string[] args)
        ClsDnsIp objtest = new ClsDnsIp();
        Console.WriteLine("Hostname-->" + objtest.Hostname);
        for (int i = 0; i < objtest.IpAddress.Count; i++)
            Console.WriteLine("Ip Adresses-->" + objtest.IpAddress[i]);


para compilar el código fuente usaremos en la consola o terminal:

mcs networkDNSIP.cs

para ejecutar el programa usaremos:

mono networkDNSIP.exe

Pueden encontrar este ejemplo en esta liga


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