BioHackaton 3

The 3rd DBCLS BioHackathon for interpreting biological knowledge with Semantic Web technologies will be held during 2010/2/ 8-12 in Japan.


DBCLS is working on the integration of biological resources. To achieve this goal, we have been organizing BioHackathons since 2008 to survey existing efforts and develop integrated environments with open source software and public services. Themes of the hackathons evolved year by year, and we are continuously providing cutting edge developers with opportunities to gather for utilizing state of the art technologies to emerging demands in life sciences.

Facing to unprecedented amount and variety of biomedical data, it is required to consolidate related information and facilitate efficient interpretation of the accumulated biological knowledge. Therefore, we selected the Semantic Web as its main theme this year. Topics may include but not limited to:

  • Queries
    • Targeted queries to be resolved by the Semantic Web technologies.
  • Datasets
    • List currently available and/or still missing datasets (as Linked Data / RDF) to resolve the above queries.
  • Stores
    • Develop our own or survey existing extensible storage systems for RDF triples and functional query interfaces.
  • Tools
    • Develop common APIs among Open Bio* projects for RDF stores and SPARQL endpoints.
    • Develop a set of programs including loaders and converters for RDF data.
    • Develop supporting text mining systems and end-user applications.

About the Hackathon

The hackathon (hacking + marathon) basically is a camp where invited participants discuss current issues and implement software to solve them on site collaboratively. This kind of meeting is very effective for the intensive development of projects, because face-to-face meeting of the developers, who are usually scattered around the world, accelerates their communication and collaboration.

BioHackathon 2010 is sponsored by Database Center for Life Science ( DBCLS) and Computational Biology Research Center ( CBRC). DBCLS is a national center responsible for sustainable life science databases in Japan and CBRC is a national research organization for bioinformatics.

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