developing on Bioscope 1.2

In past days I was developing some extra features for Applied Biosystems Bioscope 1.2 software tool. I think that bioscope is good tool but finally users needs to get access to more documentation like tutorials and books, so I added a menu and documentation dialog box(java rich faces) under bioscope’s help menu first.

I am writing two books: My Life with Bioscope and Bioscope for dummies, I am developing live screencasts too about how to analyze data using Bioscope 1.2 by command line and web user interface.


Plans for books ? coming soon

2 thoughts on “developing on Bioscope 1.2

  1. Ya que hablas sobre escribir libros ¿qué pasó con tu libro mame for dummies? sigo esperando a que lo acabes y lo publique.

    Si ya lo abandonaste pues pasa el manuscrito ¿no?


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